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SMERA Rating

MSM Microfinance Limited has been evaluated by SMERA credit rating agency and it is bestowed with MF3 rating for the year of 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, the highest rating for a MFI. We have evaluated code of conduct assessment and has be rated COCA 2 by SMIRA, Having achieved this significant milestone, MSM Microfinance marches ahead with head held high towards its Mission.


SMERA MFI Rating is an independent, third party comprehensive assessment of risks involved of underlying portfolio of MFI and its resultant impact. Besides evaluating creditworthiness of MFIs, SMERA ratings also assess trustworthiness, operational excellence, quality of loans etc of a Micro Finance Institution, amongst other subjective parameters. The assessment of MFIs also covers financial risk, operational risk, management risk, political risk and matters related to its internal governance, strategic positioning, social responsiveness, liability of lenders and social profile.

Journey Towards

    Quality Management System certification before end of 2020

Director's Message

The past couple of years have been a period of intense action and reflection. We have seen a global pandemic, geopolitical tensions, supply chain [...]picture

Our Alliances

  • SRO Guidance
  • Business Correspondence Partners
  • Banking Partners
  • NBFC Partners
  • Technology Partners
  • Credit Bureau Partners
  • Insurance Partners

What Our Beneficiary says...

pictureYou have played a great role in my life and my family!Thank you so much!
Sumitra, Cattle Rearer, Erode

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