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Lighting the lives of the low-income households..


In India, most of the low-income peoples have no access to avail loans from banks and other financial entities. Their situation forces them to borrow credit from private moneylenders at a higher rate of interest. Thus they are not able to come out from the poverty layer. At MSM, we are aiming to reduce the social and economical imbalance by providing opportunities to grow.

We are also concerned with overall improvement of the member’s quality of life and living standards. We understand that there is no free lunch. Charity on its own is not sustainable without other sources of income. We believe in dedicated hard work that persists over a long term will lead to success. We are committed to high level of ethical standards and transparency in our microfinance operations.

“The Main Drivers for MSM organization are People, Process, and Information Technology.”


MSM believes people are the most important asset and main driver behind MSM organization. MSM recruit, train, motivate & retain best talent.


MSM firmly believes process is the next best asset & main driver after people. MSM firmly believes following processes uniformly across the organization will produce consistent & predictable results.


Information Technology

MSM strongly believes in investing on IT technology to keep the business operational efficiency at industry best.

Key benefits of IT focus


Director's Message

The total Revenue of the Company for FY 2012 is Rs.86.93 Lakhs with Profits before depreciation[...]picture

Our Alliances

  • SRO Guidance
  • Business Correspondence Partners
  • Banking Partners
  • NBFC Partners
  • Technology Partners
  • Credit Bureau Partners
  • Insurance Partners

What Our Beneficiary says...

pictureYou have played a great role in my life and my family! Thank you so much!
Sumitra, Cattle Rearer, Erode

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