Our Approach

Lighting the lives of the low-income households..

At MSM Microfinance Limited (MSM), we believe that providing timely financial assistance to the low income households can induce employment opportunities and raise their living standards. Empathy of client requirement is the key mantra that defines MSM’s approach towards microfinance. Thus we aim to bring in and motivate talented micro entrepreneurs every year. We have adopted for-profit approach to create social returns by sourcing funds through private investors, banks and financial institutions. We are committed to provide easy access to financial products to the people with low incomes who are underserved by large financial institutions.

Group Formation

MSM has a structured process for microfinance lending. Our field staff identifies the prospective group of people who seek financial assistance and brings them to our office. As a fast growing microfinance institution, we are following the Grameen lending model to optimize our operational efficiency.

All the members are instructed to be within the same group till their loan closure for ease of operation. We also provide opportunities for the members to preclose their loans under extraordinary situations.

Customer Training Program

We conduct Customer Training Program (CTP) to create a structured credit discipline among the members and to enhance the smooth flow of operation. We also aim to educate the customers about:

  • About MSM
  • MSM’s loan lending process and procedures
  • Group liability terms
  • General financial literacy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Quantum of loan that can be availed by them based on their income levels

We conduct this training programs by using visual aids i.e. charts, cardboard cut-outs for easy understanding and making the session more interactive. These are the mandatory training programs for the group members to avail loan from MSM.

Loan Disbursement

We are being regulated by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on microfinance lending. As per the RBI guidelines, with the Technology and process as backbone we ensure timely and quality loan disbursement. Refer Uniqueness for more detail.

Group Meetings

We conduct Group Meetings (GM) at frequent intervals i.e. fortnightly/monthly to facilitate the payment collection. Elected group representatives coordinate the entire group members and collect the due amount from their groups. In general, we conduct this meeting during the morning time so that their routine work doesn’t get affected.During this meeting, our trained staffs create awareness among group members about the social issues which include global warming, pollution, hygienic life style, etc. Moreover, Members are guided with growing opportunities to undertake profitable small scale business. Group member’s participation and attendance in these meetings are observed and will be considered when they apply for another loan with MSM.

Director's Message

The total Revenue of the Company for FY 2012 is Rs.86.93 Lakhs with Profits before depreciation[...]picture

Our Alliances

  • SRO Guidance
  • Business Correspondence Partners
  • Banking Partners
  • NBFC Partners
  • Technology Partners
  • Credit Bureau Partners
  • Insurance Partners

What Our Beneficiary says...

pictureYou have played a great role in my life and my family!Thank you so much!
Sumitra, Cattle Rearer, Erode

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